Whole Body Vibration for Osteoporosis

For us… ahem!…older chicks, osteoporosis and loss of bone density is a real concern. I’ll be 50 in a few months and like so many others, I am really starting to think about my future health. One of the things that can really help with loss of bone density is Whole Body Vibration. I went to Texas recently to look into the Zaaz Whole Body Vibration technology and I was not disappointed.

My first 12 minute session on a Zaaz WBV machine felt very strange. Wobbly, of course – that’s the idea! ZAAZ’s patented WBV equipment utilizes a low-impact, oscillating platform to produce up to 30 involuntary reflexes per second, activating over 90% of all muscle groups in the human body at once. With almost no stress on the joints, ligaments or tendons compared to other forms of resistance training, the result is more benefit in less time. I didn’t attempt to exercise, simply did my best to hang on while the Zaaz tried to vibrate me off of it. It shuts off automatically at the end of a 12 minute cycle. I climbed off the machine and immediately started laughing! My legs have not felt this pain free in years! Standing on my feet for 12 hours a day selling Vitamix blenders has given me achy, swollen legs, varicose veins and certainly hasn’t done my arthritis any good. Zaaz WBV gave me my legs back.

Zaaz recommends using their machine at least once a day and as often as 4 times a day with a minimum 45 minutes between sessions. Just standing on it counts as a minimum form of exercise for someone who is otherwise sedentary. I didn’t break a sweat and performed my workouts in just regular clothing.

The Zaaz machine that I tested has 99 speeds. My first Zaaz sesh was at speed 25-35. Speeds 1-40 provide strength training and are recommended for increasing bone density. Speeds 40-99 provide a massage-like feeling and are great for recovering from hard workouts/sports, lymphatic drainage, circulation and detox. I chose to vibrate at speed 65-70 for my second sesh. And boy, they are not kidding about the detox and lymphatic drainage! This is a bit TMI but I started peeing a lot! Way more than my water intake dictated. As a result, I started drinking a lot more water (Alkaline when I can!) and peeing pretty much every hour for the next few days. It slowed back down to normal after a few days, but the first couple were mighty cleansing!

After I got the hang of shaking my booty at 30 times per second, I started incorporating small exercises. Exercises performed on a Zaaz WBV platform provide 4 times the results of doing the same exercises on a stationary surface. That’s why 12 minutes on a Zaaz is like one hour in the gym. And no need to change clothes or drive to a gym! I love the fact that the platform is raised so I could do step ups onto it. And planking. OMG. Planking on a Zaaz WBV is taking it up more than a notch!

I used the Zaaz machine everyday for a little over a week and I can tell you that I definitely see a difference in my body. My tummy is tighter. My back feels stronger. My entire core feels much more engaged. My sleep has improved and I have much more energy.

Hard to tell if there is a reduction in cellulite yet, but I bet with continued use there will be a smoother appearance. I’ll keep you posted. Because of course, I plan to keep on Zaazing. I have agreed to represent Zaaz when my schedule allows. Sometimes I will be in a Sam’s Club. Or a Costco. Or a health/fitness/home show. I’ll keep you posted here on when and where I will be appearing.

Whole Body Vibration is a great supplemental workout to add to your routine at any level. WBV can provide the following benefits:


Sharpen mental awareness

Improve blood flow

Release endorphins and serotonin

Accelerate lymphatic drainage


Increase bone density

Increase agility

Improve balance

Build muscle tissue

Improve muscle strength

Warm up muscles, prevent injuries


Burn calories

Decrease cellulite

Tone muscles and increase muscle density

Inhibit fat-causing cortisol production


Reduce arthritis pain and inflammation

Relax lower back pain

Relax and prevent muscle spasms

Massage/recover sore muscles


Monique Parent

Author: Monique Parent

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